The transition from a physical space to a digital one is not a simple task, and there are a variety of ways you can help support the mission of the Ozarks Afro-American Museum Online

With your knowledge

  • If you have knowledge related to objects in the collection or the people captured in the photographs, we would be grateful to hear of it. If you notice your grandmother in an old photo and would like to share stories or other information, don't hestitate to contact the OAAHM-Online. If you are an expert on a particular object or image-type and notice that it is mischaracterized or have additional information to add, that, too, would be greatly appreciated.

With your skills

  • If you are a preservationist and see an item that you would be willing to work to restore, the donation of your time and skill would be appreciated by the OAAHM-Online, which cannot presently afford these services, and by future visitors and scholars. If you are a professional appraiser and would like to donate your skills in this area, your efforts would be greatly appreciated to help widen our knowledge of this collection.

With your donations

  • If you have the desire and ability to donate financially, you would be helping to lighten a great burden on the Berry family. While the museum's costs have gone down with the transition from physical space to digital, all the costs of proper museum/archival quailty storage materials and the rental of a temperature controlled storage unit come directly from the family. Outside financial support is incredibly valued.

To reach the OAAHM-Online to help in any of these ways, please use the form on the contact page, or email us at Please expect and excuse a 3-5 day turnover in response to emails.