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Wooden child-size chair. High back and woven seat. Handmade.

"And that’s an old family chair, its probably from late 1900s, excuse me, early 1900s, probably, around 1910 or something of this nature. It’s hand carved and it’s made of a cherry wood...I don’t know [who crafted it]. I only know that it was just a…

"That’s a chair, very old chair, probably around the 1890s. It’s a beautiful piece, it’s a gliding chair, well it’s not a true, it’s not a gliding chair, it works from the same principle as a buckboard. It has two big springs on either side of the…

"That’s a clock that belonged to Wallace White and Wallace White had that when he left the army, the Missouri state cavalry so it’s probably from around 1860-something to the 1870s... [the clock] was in Uncle Lawrence’s [Berry] house, it belonged to…

Oak ice box.
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