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Charcoal portrait of a man and woman in formal dress. The man is on the left, wearing a black suit. The woman is on the right and slightly in front of the man, with a fashionable hairstyle decorated with a bow and a neckbow as well.

Two heavy iron ball weights connected with chain links.

Iron ankle chain. Chain is contemporary, added to show function.

Topsy-turvy doll. Though not from the Ozarks, representative of a style of doll popularized in areas where Black children and White children interacted. Traditionally one side would be White and one would be Black, thusly allowing children to play…

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Ceramic coffee cup shaped like a sterotypical "Mammy." Handle is designed like an arm reaching up to hold something. Face and hand are painted black, handle and top of creams painted red. White on "cuff" of handle and at bottom of creamer.

Iron kettle with decorative star detailing on lid. Handle with wooden grip.

Two piece key and lock. Key screws into locking mechanism. Lock that goes with the neck chains, item OAAHM0104.

Two piece lock and key. Key screws into the locking mechanism.

Neck iron. Diagonal hatching on iron.

Free glass marbles. One opaque cream colored, one clear glass and one with a red, white and green swirl pattern.
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