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"That's a picture of William and Caroline's daughter and her name was Della Berry, she also died in the 1910s from the influenza epidemic."

Member of the Looney Family, said to be one of the men lynched in the 1906 Good Friday lynching of Springfield, Missouri. From the collection of John Freeman, a native of Ash Grove, Missouri.

Unknown candid photos of men working as Pullman Porters and on the railroads, from the collection of Glenn Johnson.

"That is an unknown fellow, one of the relatives of Miss Olivia Murray. We think it's, perhaps, her nephew. We don't know anything else about it...This was given to me by a lady named Ms. Ruby Fletcher who was a white lady who lived in this town, and…

Woven blanket with geometric pattern in dark brown, magenta and light brown.

Oak ice box.

Two wooden hames, part of a harness for a horse. "wooden strips which take the full force of the pull, padded by the collar"

Wooden desk. Single drawer in front.
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