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Two wooden building blocks. Each printed with a letter on two sides.

Quilt composed of small puckered circles of calico. Cream colored circles make framework for multi-patterned circles in diamond patterns.

"And that’s an old family chair, its probably from late 1900s, excuse me, early 1900s, probably, around 1910 or something of this nature. It’s hand carved and it’s made of a cherry wood...I don’t know [who crafted it]. I only know that it was just a…

Wooden child-size chair. High back and woven seat. Handmade.

Quilt made of calico with small interlocking oval sections framing pink unprinted sections. With cream colored spacing squares.

Unknown candid photos of men working as Pullman Porters and on the railroads, from the collection of Glenn Johnson.

"The picture at the top is Wallace White's cabin, which is still standing in Cave Springs, Missouri. At the bottom is Wallace White and his wife Daisy White outside of their canebreak in Caves Springs, Missouri."

Color portrait in chalk or pastel of African American woman, from chest up. The woman is wearing a high necked dress that dates this portrait to the 1900s.
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