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"That's a picture of Miss Fanny Murray in her old age."

"That's a picture of Wallace Berry and an unknown person plowing in the field"

"That is a brother of Miss Olivia Murray and that picture was taken in Dayton, OH, in front of their family house."

"That's a picture of school children from the Lincoln Elementary School, the Negro school, in Ash Grove, Missouri. My father [Junior Berry] is the boy on the front row with the black stockings on, and my grandmother used to always be so embarrassed…

"A group of Buffalo soldiers, my great-uncle Harrison is the person standing on the far right in that picture. That picture was taken in San Juan, he was one of the rough riders that belonged to Teddy Roosevelt. So, that's a picture of him during the…

"That's a picture of my grandma [Mamie Berry] standing outside of the house, sometime in the 40s"
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