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"That is Lloyd Yokum. Lloyd Yokum is the son of "Fireball" Yokum of the Kansas City Monarchs and of Miss Effie Yokum, who was the daughter of slaves. Both "Fireball" and Effie Yokum were the children of slaves and they lived in this town."

"That is a picture of my great-uncle Ellis, that was taken in World War I. He is the oldest son of William and Caroline Berry."

"That's a picture of William and Caroline's daughter and her name was Della Berry, she also died in the 1910s from the influenza epidemic."

"That's a picture of Miss Fanny Murray in her old age."

"That's from the Ash Grove, Portland Cement Company, here in Ash Grove."

"She's my great aunt, her name is Sarah Berry, and she's buried in our cemetery. She died in the teens, I think it was 1917, or something like that, from the influenza epidemic."
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