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Digital Files


This collection houses digital files created for the OAAHM-Online, including interview transcripts.

Collection Items

Identification Interview Transcript #2
Interview with Fr. Moses Berry identifying items OAAHM0086-OAAHM0091.

Identification Interview Transcript #1
A transcript of the audio interview recorded with Father Moses Berry, identifying items OAAHM0001 through OAAHM0008.

Annotated Map of Lynchings
Annotated 1904 Missouri county map showing the dates of lynchings in Pierce City, Joplin and Springfield, MO.

"What is Left in Life for a Negro in Joplin"
An article from the Chicago Daily Tribune, featuring a letter written to the paper by a Black Joplin Native.

"At the scene of the lynching"
A drawing by Ralph Downing, published on April 16th 1903th in the Joplin Globe. The drawing shows the lynching of Thomas Gilyard.

"The United States of Lyncherdom"
In 1901, Missouri born author Mark Twain wrote an essay titled "The United States of Lyncherdom" in response to the Pierce City lynchings. He had intended the essay for publication, but decided it was too politically sensitive. The essay was finally…

"Where you see the cross..."; postcard
Lynching postcards were popular in the Jim Crow South, and while this is not a photo of a lynching, it still demonstrates the perverse fascination with public murder held by a large number of White Ozarkians.

The handwritten text beneath the card…

"Third Negro Lynched; Troops in Springfield"
An excerpt from an article published in the New York Times on April 16th, 1906. For educational use only, all copy rights held by the New York Times. Accessed online on June 23rd 2013.
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